The Aeropress coffee maker has experimented virally and upped the barista’s game

The Aeropress coffee maker has experimented virally and upped the barista's game

As a home and garden editor, I’m always on the lookout for clever kitchen gadgets that make life easier and more enjoyable. I also happen to be a serious coffee drinker (which I rely on regularly) and an occasional adventure seeker, known for hiking and camping (albeit occasionally), so when my editor asked if I’d be interested in testing one of the internet’s most popular mini, semi-instant coffee makers I happily agreed.


Over 16,000 5-star Amazon reviewers agree the Aeropress is a coffee lover’s and outdoorsman’s dream.

$32 at Amazon


the Aeropress It has earned a cult following—and garnered over 16,000 positive reviews—for its reputation for packing loads of flavor and variety into one compact package.

Hot water is forced through the mills using a built-in chamber and plunger, “to aerate and quickly extract the purest, freshest flavors.” Aeropress also claims to be the only piston that combines agitation, pressure, and microfiltration, and is compatible with paper and metal microfilters that allow you to use finer ground coffee and help filter out sediment.

According to the brand—and many of its fans—the result is coffee that delivers a smooth, rich, full-bodied flavor without the acidity of French press or drip coffee and without the bitterness, grit, or grime (in a fraction of the time).

“Expresso cafe at my house!” Polite reviewer. “The AeroPress is great. I make a better shot of espresso than many coffee shops for a lot less money and can stay in my pajamas!” Another went so far as to call this a Best coffee maker they have ever owned: “The durability of the Aeropress is out of this world… (the way) the Aeropress makes coffee is similar in quality to pour-over brewers, which I also used but now rarely use.”

The original Aeropress coffee tamper

Just add water. The Aeropress coffee maker comes with everything you need. (photo: Amazon)

the press

fascinated by! I decided to test The original Aeropress And I chose the clear version because I love how it blends with the rest of my mugs and mugs, making it perfect for everyday breakfasts and formal affairs. Arrived in a compact hexagonal box featuring a photo of the device, key details, and quick instructions (the top of the box has tabs for easy opening and closing so you can use it for storage).

I hadn’t even had my morning coffee yet, so I got straight to work removing the contents – Aeropress, coffee plunger, paper filters, filter sleeve, more detailed instructions, stirrer and scoop. Setup consists of pushing the plunger out of the chamber, placing the filter into the filter housing and screwing the filter housing onto the end of the chamber (aligned with small grooves) before use.

With the coffee plunger and filter ready, I switched to Barista mode: I first placed the chamber filter over my cup of choice and filled it with one scoop of ground coffee, shaking the chamber slightly to ensure the coffee settled. Next, I added hot water to the second bubbler (the brand recommends 175 degrees Fahrenheit for best results) and stirred the water and floors for the suggested 10 seconds.

Because I wanted a full cup of coffee (more on that later), I then added more hot water to the chamber and, per the instructions, slowly inserted the plunger, pressing gently until it hit the ground and voila – I was left with a steaming hot cup of joe.

The Aeropress coffee and espresso maker comes in different versions and sizes for versatility.  (Images: Amazon)

The Aeropress coffee and espresso maker comes in different versions and sizes for versatility. (Images: Amazon)

my hot take

the Aeropress It was quick to deliver (aside from heating the water, my coffee was ready in less than a minute) and incredibly easy to use. It’s also easy to maintain (just detach the parts and rinse to clean), and I can attest that it produces a quality brew (the coffee was smooth without any bitterness, grains, or sediment left at the bottom of the cup).

I love how you can customize it too. You can brew as is using the minimum recommended amount of water (espresso-style), add more hot water to make an eight-ounce cup of coffee or add milk to make an eight-ounce latte. Since my initial testing, I’ve also relied on the Aeropress to make countless iced coffees (just use room-temperature water, stir vigorously for about a minute, then pour in ice cubes once the brew is finished). You can experiment with grind size, water temperature, or the amount of water to achieve your desired strength.

Aeropress offers four different coffee makers (creativeAnd ClearAnd Travel And XL), along with paper And Metal Small filters, for different preferences and needs. Each version is not only incredibly lightweight and portable (the slightly smaller Aeropress Travel The version also comes complete with a drinking glass) but it’s sturdy (made in the USA from tough BPA-free plastic or, in the case of Clear Aeropress, shatterproof Titan).

I am happy to report that Aeropress has delivered on its promise and has been a welcome addition to my work from home routine. The coffee maker is also great to have on hand for outdoor trips (cold brew on demand), inclement weather (looking at you, power outages and blizzards), or last-minute gifts for the coffee lover on your list.


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$32 at Amazon

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The revisions quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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