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Pain and I have a little game to play: It hits, I retaliate, it backs off (for a while). Through years of trial and error, I’ve accumulated some healing tools that can quickly provide relief from recurring pain, and the devices just keep getting better and better. This knot dissolves Lipa massager, currently $18 on Amazon, is my MVP right now! With this convenient tool, massaging my back is as easy as pie. Let’s just say I’m obsessed.


Nearly 24,000 five-star Amazon reviewers swear by this head-to-toe stress-relieving self-massage tool with ease.

$18 at Amazon

the behind story

I am a very complicated girl. Since I’m hypermobile and have a connective tissue disorder, my muscles compensate by gripping, especially in my back, shoulders, neck, and hips. If you’ve read this far, chances are you’re pretty complex too. Believe me: this massage stick can help.

Simply tie it around and pull gently to apply counter pressure. This stimulates circulation, allowing more oxygen in for faster muscle relief and recovery. You can vary mode, intensity, and duration with minimal effort, freeing muscles in spasm and comfortably hitting trigger points anywhere on your body.

I’ve always liked the Thera Cane (a similar, more expensive massage cane), but my husband kept stealing it because of his new foot pain problem. that’s ok. when I picked this up Lipa self massager And finding out how wonderful he is, I told him I could have him Thera caneBut my hands (and my feet) are from Lipa!

Crutch Thera and Lipa

His and hers: I passed the OG Thera Cane, left, to my husband to make room for the new Liba. Follow Favorite

side by side

Liba has different (better!) properties than Thera Cane. For example, the two handles just below the top work well for relaxing the muscles in my neck, hips, feet, and the back of my thighs. In addition, the curved handles of the Lipa make it easier to move the stick to the home position than the straight Thera handles. Several ways to use Liba are described in Free companion guide And videosbut you will also find your own ways.

Liba is also more powerful than Thera Cane which I like. This makes it a bit heavier (1.34 pounds vs. 1.05 pounds, respectively), but the stick’s ergonomic design makes this slight weight difference non-issue.

Both designs have gains. I’ve become fond of the smooth, rounded feel of the Thera Cane’s body, but the grip on the Liba is better, thanks to indentations on the flat surface that keep my fingers from slipping.

In terms of budget, the Liba is a no-brainer. At just $18 (down from $40), the Liba is a much better deal than the $40 Thera Cane (was $50). And as indicated by Amazon reviews, the affordable Liba (with nearly 24,000 five-star reviews) is twice as popular as the Thera Cane (with an impressive 12,000 five-star reviews).

Counter-pressure is key to this ergonomic self-massager from Liba.  (Amazon, $13)

Counter-pressure is key to this ergonomic self-massager from Liba. (Amazon, $13)

Travel friendly?

One minor disappointment: Since the Liba came in two pieces, I got excited that the 23.5-inch cane could easily split into two for travel. Unfortunately, since I snapped it together, I haven’t yet managed to split it again, and it just doesn’t fit in my purse. Some reviewers claim that the Liba breaks down easily for travel, but there is no mention of this capability from the seller on Amazon. On the bright side, the fact of it no The split is a testament to its durability. (Note: Thera Cane is just over 24 inches long and does not break at all.)

My massager

Lipa now lives on my desk. Thank you dear Thera Cane for your service – Liba just happens to do her job better and at a better price. So I plan to rely on Lipa from now on, but I will never turn my back on Thera Cane completely.


This comfortable self-massager is BPA-free, hypoallergenic and made from eco-friendly plastic. I had two thumbs up, but they wrapped around Libby.

$18 at Amazon

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