I’m a tech writer, and this $33 Eufy smart scale is my favorite way to track my fitness

I'm a tech writer, and this $33 Eufy smart scale is my favorite way to track my fitness

There’s a lot more to fitness than just standing on the scale, and the more you educate yourself on the topic of personal health, the more information you’ll realize you need. Why not get a scale that gives you everything? the The Eufy Smart Scale P2 One of my favorite fitness trackers, it not only measures weight but also body fat, BMI, muscle mass and many other health-focused metrics. The best part? Right now, you can get it for just $33 — that’s a 34% discount off its regular price.

One quick note: If you’re pregnant or using a pacemaker, You should not use this scale. It generates a small current through the body that can disrupt pacemakers or pose a risk to a developing baby.


This scale uses powerful and sensitive sensors that can pick up small changes in things like body weight, body fat, BMI, muscle mass, bone mass, and more.

$33 at Amazon

the The Eufy Smart Scale P2 It comes with a lot of interesting features, the main one being a virtual 3D model of yourself. During the onboarding phase, you put in all your metrics—height, waist size, arm size and more—and the form displays an avatar of your current fitness level. As the scale collects data about changes over time, the model will change to fit. You can then peek at your progress. It’s a powerful motivational tool when you don’t feel like exercising.

It also syncs with third-party apps like Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit so that you can accurately track your fitness activity throughout the day. The IPX5 waterproof rating means you don’t have to worry about water dripping onto the scale when you get out of the shower, and the slip-resistant surface lets you stand on it without worrying that it’ll be too slippery.

The Eufy includes a 15-month limited warranty in case something happens to the scale, but take it from me: I’ve accidentally dropped this scale and kicked it a few times, and it’s still going strong. In my efforts to stay fit, this scale has been invaluable.

Scale next to smartphone and tape measure.

Track every relevant health metric with this powerful smart scale. (Amazon, $13)

“This metric has been helpful in tracking our progress on our weight loss journey. The whole family, dogs included, have their own profiles and we can track our progress. It’s nice to see it all in one place. Those of us who are actively trying to lose, we can put goals and watch ourselves reach them.” said one fan. And they’re right – you can use one of the secondary features to measure your pet’s weight.

One agitated buyer“I love all the different data that allows for a more holistic view of my health! Definitely makes tracking it fun! I used to have a goal in pounds but now, given all that data, I’ve adjusted it based on other factors that I can track! It really looks at everything, not weight.” Just. Just watching this steady progress in so many areas is cool for a geek like me!”


Each family member can have their own profile, and this scale is smart enough to tell them apart.

$33 at Amazon

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